Open Government Standards – Public Consultation


The Open Government Standards are open to public consultation. We are inviting experts, civil society organisations, academics and the general public to make suggestions, comment and provide input on the standards in three sections; transparency, participation and accountability.

You will be able to read the standards and make your comments and suggestions here. You can also email comments to contact [at] .

The standards are also directly downloadable in .doc and .pdf formats by copying and pasting these links:

Word Document

Word Document

Word Document

More about the standards:

The standards for transparency cover the following areas:
- Right to Know
- All information, All public bodies
- Access is the rule, Secrecy is the exception
- Proactive publication
- Free of charge and free for reuse
- Open formats
- Compilation of information
- Independent review mechanism

The standards for participation cover the following areas:
- Openness
- Clear and Reasonable Timelines
- Clear and Comprehensive Information
- Active Collaboration
- Appropriate and Clear Procedures
- Empowerment
- Transparency and Accountability

The standards for accountability cover the following areas:
- Codes of Conduct: Clear Standards of Behaviour
- Conflict of Interest Prevention Mechanisms
- Assets Disclosure
- Transparency and Regulation of Lobbying
- Whistleblower Mechanisms and Protections
- Procurement Transparency
- Independent Enforcement Bodies